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Information on the village of Lochinver in Scotland.

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Assynt Community Education

The objective of this voluntary organisation is to encourage and support learning opportunities for people over the age of sixteen in the parish of Assynt.

Supported by the Community Education Section of Highland Council, the committee is operating as a COBALT group (sponsoring COmmunity BAsed Learning and Training and has been able to raise further funds from statutary authorities (e.g. Awards for All) to fund local courses, among them Art, Gaelic and German.
Efforts have been made to find out what courses are required in Assynt and to discover tutors within a reasonable travelling distance.
ACE is part of a new partnership set up along with Assynt Leisure and the Assynt Christian Community Youth Project to set up a learning centre within the Assynt Leisure and Learning Centre opened in October 2004.
Funding has been accessed, via this partnership to employ a marketing and education officer who is based at the centre.
If you would like to volunteer as a tutor, invigilator, educational mentor or help supervise the homework club, please do contact the marketing and education officer, Jane Young Tel: 01571 844123, where more information about courses will also be available.
If you live in Assynt and are interested in learning new skills, please let Sharon know so that a course may be set up or a route found to satisfy your learning needs.
Membership of ACE is open to all over-sixteens in the parish who are interested in some form of study group or educational sessions.
If you wish to contact the Learning Centre, please contact Sharon at assyntlearningcentre@gmail.com.

Assynt Community Education, Scotland