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Lochinver Scotland

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Information on the village of Lochinver in Scotland.

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Crowdfunding for External Paintwok at Assynt Leisure Centre

We're raising 2,500 to Repaint the exterior of Assynt Leisure Centre in Lochinver

Assynt Leisure is a community run, registered charity, providing Sport, Youth and Learning opportunities for the community of Assynt and surrounding area.

Assynt Leisure offers something for everyone in our community and is a lasting testament to the resourcefulness and industry of the people of Assynt.

This well used facility would not exist were it not for a large and determined group of volunteers whose unstinting efforts and determination, often in the face of formidable financial, bureaucratic and technical obstacles, succeeded in bringing this community asset from conception to completion in 2005. As a community we owe them all a debt of gratitude for their work which continues to this day.

With reducing support from the local authority, and limited income, Assynt Leisure is struggling to meet ongoing running costs, and maintenance costs in particular. The exterior of building is in great need of a coat of paint, and we are now looking to raise funds to do this.

We will enlist the help of volunteers to help with the painting, but we need to buy the paint and appoint a local contractor to co-ordinate the work.

Every penny will help!!

Please help if you can.

Crowdfunding to Raise 2500 for Assynt Leisure

Crowdfunding for External Paintwok at Assynt Leisure Centre, Scotland