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Information on the village of Lochinver in Scotland.

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A Brief Plea to Visiting Drivers

A Brief Plea to Visiting Drivers

Itís immensely gratifying to see so many visitors to Assynt this year, and I hope everyone enjoys their visit, be it the first time or an annual event; long may it continue.
I would just like to make a request on behalf of many people who live and work locally, who have to use the single track roads of which there are many.
There appear to be increasing incidents of people being held up for miles behind vehicles who wonít pull into a passing place to allow them to overtake.
Drivers seem unaware that passing places arenít just for giving way to oncoming traffic, theyíre to allow others to overtake as well.
Doctors, nurses home carers and many others have to use these roads, sometimes on urgent matters and folk also need to get to and from work.
If you are driving through this beautiful scenery, enjoying the spectacular views, the last thing you want is someone on your tail trying to pass.
(From Assynt News item)

The Highway Code, section 133:
Single-track roads.

These roads are only wide enough for one vehicle. They have special passing places. If you see a vehicle coming towards you, or the driver behind wants to overtake, pull into a passing place on your left, or wait opposite a passing place on your right. Give way to vehicles coming uphill whenever you can. If necessary, reverse until you reach a passing place to let the other vehicle pass.
Many passing places are marked by either black and white poles at the roadsides or special square passing place signs, but some passing places are not marked.
Drivers using single-track roads must be able to reverse to a passing place in order to let other vehicles pass.
Sometimes drivers must reverse more than a metre or two.
Driving onto verges to avoid reversing is not recommended, as cars may be damaged or get stuck in roadside ditches.
In Scotland itís usual to give a friendly wave as Ďthank youí if another road user has reversed or waited for you to pass. It makes all the difference!

A Brief Plea to Visiting Drivers, Scotland